I will write your professional facebook ads


Facebook ads are proven to bring in paying customers. However, setting them up can be both time-consuming and intimidating.

Firstly, I will study your business website, Facebook and other social media pages, and I will have a look at your past advertisements (if applicable). I will voice my suggestions to you in regards to what could be improved on the webpage, the landing page(s) and the Facebook page as well as how the past ads could be improved (if applicable).  

Secondly, I will set up your Facebook Ads target market(s) and write several ads (the count is depending on the package you have selected).

Thirdly, I will set up the ads and save them to drafts, ready to be published on your own time.

Fourthly, I will create a Facebook Ads tracking pixel. However, if you want me to insert it in your HTML, WordPress or Shopify, you are more than welcome to purchase the corresponding gig extra.

In general: all ads need to be posted with an accompanying photo or video, therefore all additional media is necessary upon buying this gig.

Please read the Requirements to make sure you have all that I need to get started!

Looking forward to creating your ads for you!


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