I will write training procedures and instructions for you


I have over 5 years of experience writing training material. I worked in a training department which was part of a manufacturing company. There I wrote training manuals and scripts for training videos. The how-to manuals covered everything from operating specific machines, injection molders, punch presses and screen printing, to general safety and orientation.
My degree in communications provides a good foundation when it comes to presenting instruction for training purposes and general information.
Typically I would become a temporary content expert in the process of writing about the required subject matter. I know it isn’t always possible to meet with trainers and content experts when conducting assignments over the internet. I am happy to do this to get the job done.

I will review and rewrite existing material or take the information you provide and put it into a step-by-step procedure. I am willing to do limited research to develop instructional documents.
So, whether you need a bare-bones SOP or and in-depth step-by-step set of instructions, let me know. I can get it done.

I want the material to work for you.

I like to follow up with a work summary as well.


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