I will write testcase in software quality assurance




I am a professional web Developer & have experienced over 3 years (Especially on different Framework) and that time I tested a variety of different websites and apps And ensured quality assurance. 

 I will do cover some points of following aspects:

Functional Testing
  Smoke Testing.
  Sanity Testing.
Regression Testing. 
System Testing.
Black Box Testing.
  White Box Testing.
  Gray Box Testing.
  Integration Testing. 
  Unit Testing 
  Acceptance Testing.

Non Functional Testing.

  Data Base Testing. 
  Performance Testing.
  Stress Testing.
  Load Testing. 
  UI Testing.
  Usability Testing. 
  Recovery Testing.
  Security Testing.

I can provide you:

  • Overall experience report
  • Honest rating for each part
  • Screenshot & Screen record
  • Immediately reporting about crash or bugs
  • Some great suggestion for improvement.
  • Fast Delivery
  • Unlimited Revisions 

Thanks You

Adnan Shahid

Exclusively On Fiverr Seller.


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