I will write super quick 100 custom tweets and auto schedule them using hootsuite


I will first give you Free sample of my work. If you don’t like the free sample then please don’t order my GIG. 

Please tell me your website that you desire to promote. 

I will write, super quick 100 custom tweets, and auto schedule them, for marketing of your business and brands.

I have worked in sales, and I have excellent copywriting skills. I can write excellent promotional content.

While placing your order, please explain in detail the type of content that you want in the posts.

Before scheduling the 100 twitter posts, I will get your approval about the content. Then I will setup your Hootsuite account. It is 100 % free for a maximum of 30 Scheduled Messages

In order to auto schedule the remaining 70 mesages, you will have to pay 19 dollars per month to Hootsuite

If you have already a Hootsuite account and you want to upload the twitter posts by yourself then that’s the best thing.

In that case, I will create more custom tweets for you. 

All revisions will be free of charge. 


P. S.
If you don’t like the prices then don’t worry. I will still help you. I will send you a custom order!


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