I will write sql queries, functions in sql and mysql




If you want to write any SQL queries or you want to optimize
an existing query
then I can help you with it efficiently.

I will write, analyze, SQL Queries with good execution time.

Services Include;

  • Data
    Retrieval Queries with complex join operations 
  • Data
    Manipulation Queries such as Row Deletion, Row Insertion, Row Updating
  • Summarising
    and Aggregating Data 
  • Queries
    for Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Queries
    for Data Cleansing
  • Queries
    for Creating, Dropping and Altering Database Objects such as:
    Tables, Partitions, Indexes, Constraints, Views, Synonyms, Sequences, Users, Database
  • Queries
    for Working with XML Data
  • Queries
    for Working with Large Objects
  • Queries
    for Database Administration
  • Queries
    for Database Security
  • Queries
    to Troubleshoot Database Problems

I will also provide a write up that will guide you on
subsequent queries.




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