I will write sql queries and manage your databases



I am a Microsoft certified professional with 4 years of hands-on experience with MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL and Databases in general.
This Gig includes:

  1. Creating a Database from Scratch on MS Access.
  2. Creating forms and Views for your database.
  3. Writing MySQL and MS SQL Queries for existing databases.
  4. Database optimization.
  5. Extracting data from existing databases with the help of SQL queries.
  6. Creating a database from Excel sheets.
  7. Post GIs services.
  8. Mongo dB services.
  9. Converting data from Excel to MS Access.

If you need any other services please feel free to contact me.
I can work with you to help you figure out your needs. 
I guarantee you a 100% satisfactory service.

Please contact me before placing an order.


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