I will write script or idea for your video, movie etc


I’ll grip your concept or motive with my imagination and break it down to a perfect screen presentable format.

I will deliver your order EXTRA FAST for FREE (if time permits; for I don’t like to charge extra for it.)

Ad, Video post(video blog post), story for film, Idea development, suggestion, animation concept, music video etc. [Treatment, Screenwriting/Script Development etc.]

Pricing would depend on the length and type of the script/idea, efforts involved and reason.

I would also be happy to assistance when you’d come up with issues while producing/directing the scripts I’ve written.

I would start developing scripts after thorough discussions and as it nears completion (one day to a few weeks depending upon the script type) I would send a custom offer based on previously quoted price.

If the script is for big projects such a feature film, I would be deliver it in parts (gig by gig) after a detailed forecast with the buyer.

What have you got there?


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