I will write script for your video


everyone I am Alex from Alex Academics. I have worked as a professional Writer,
editor and proofreader
for several years and have extensive experience in
working with different organizations for their marketing content designing. When
you work with me you can expect the highest standard of script that will take client
attention. I will assist you in writing and
strengthening your 2D animation script with best of my expertise,
to make sure your final product is amazing. Moreover, I
have worked extensively with non-English speakers and have helped them to have
their best content. 

I offer Script writing for:  

  • Script
    Writing for your 2D animation videos

  • Academic

  • Marketing
    2D Animations

  • Products animated videos

  • Your business
    2d animation videos
  • Promotional Videos 

I will be writing script according to your needs so your business can reach
maximum audience. 
I guarantee you an enhanced, meticulous
and professional product delivered in a timely response. Please contact me if
you have a rush job.  I am happy to discuss price and timelines with


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