I will write professional scripts or treatments


The Service
I will give you helpful tips and advice on ways to improve your screenplay or treatment to make it more commercially viable and more likely of commission.

With my assistance and notes you could crack the code to getting your screenplay read and into the hands of an excellent Producer. 

Types of Projects I specialize in:

  • Documentary 
  • Short Film
  • Feature Film
  • Pitch Documents
  • Treatments

About Me

My background is in project development and I have worked with big broadcasters (The National Geographic Channel and Nutopia) as a development assistant for several years as well as freelancing as a script doctor for nearly two years. 

Why choose me?

  • I’m a scriptwriter myself and have been developing my craft for nearly 5 years
  • I am also a film maker so I know what works visually
  • I have over 6 years experience working in the Film and Television Industry
  • I have connections with commissioners and have worked in development 
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed 


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