I will write product descriptions and website copy to sell your product



Think about the back of your favorite book. 

In a small number of words, it hints at its brilliance and has the allure to convince you to sit down and read it all over again. 

This is how I approach each and every copywriting job.

I will treat your product/brand as if it were my favorite book — by delving into it again and again until I know it like the back of my hand. Then I will tell its story with maximal brevity while nailing down everything that makes it outstanding and unique. Every word matters!

I am currently studying for degrees in multimedia journalism and linguistics. Aspiring to write copy like the best (Ogilvy, Schwartz, etc.), I use my psycholinguistic understanding of the English language to invoke emotion from the prospective client and convert impressions. 

Ultimately, quality copy depends on the writer’s understanding of buyer psychology. When you connect with a buyer on an individual level, you’ve earned a customer for life. Allow me to make this happen, and watch your sales skyrocket!


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