I will write persuasive and SEO optimized product descriptions


Are you searching for persuasive and convincing product descriptions that will boost your sales?
Do you need SEO optimized product titles that will ensure the recommendation of your product to as many potential buyers as possible?  Well, you’ve come to the right seller!
No matter how good your product may be, if you fail to market it well, it just won’t sell!
That’s where I can help you.
I am a professional proofreader and copy editor with more than two years of corporate experience. I also have a diploma in marketing, so I know how to present a product and attract potential buyers. 
I will write SEO friendly and keyword rich product descriptions to ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors on search engines and e-commerce platforms. My style of writing (You can check my profile to see the tests I’ve taken on Fiverr) coupled with the use of pain points and trigger words will instill in the customer a real necessity for your products. I also offer a HTML code of the description to make sure it is presentable, readable and reassuring.

Please feel free to contact me before placing an order to avoid any cancellations.


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