I will write perfect papers in accounting, finance, and economics



I am CPA Macharia, a Qualified  Accountant, with an MBA, having more than five years of work experience as well as freelancing for many private clients. I can help you in your work related to:

– Strategic Management Accounting,

–  Financial Accounting,

–  Financial Reporting,

– Cost and Management Accounting,

– Financial Management,

– Business Finance,

– Business Plans,

– Bookkeeping

– Bank Reconciliation

– Accounting consulting

– Ratio analysis

– Corporate finance

– Business finance decisions

– Investment appraisal


– Preparation of Financial Statements

– Working Capital Estimation

– Forecast Financial Statements


My strengths include the following for your business:

1   Accurate and original work!

2. Always, always on time delivery!

3. Full amount refund if you are not satisfied with work.

4. Reasonable price.

5. Very reliable with work and fair in dealings.

6. Customized working just as per your requirements.



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