I will write nuanced arts film and gaming articles


I adore cinema; and pretty much any medium which comes with sight and/or sound.
After graduating from the UK’s leading film studies University, while achieving the highest grade in the department, I have been applying my writing skills far beyond the boundaries of film, broadening my horizons to include research and critique of gaming, installation and gallery based arts.
I run my own online blog, but mainly write articles for others’ blogs, film festivals, or magazines.
I frequently write on the following topics:
  • Film analysis or review (both form and content).
  • Gaming guides, news or reviews.
  • Gallery/Exhibition reviews.
  • History of ___‘ essays.
  • Academic discourse.
Endeavoring on a project together, we will produce:
  • Original content
  • Well researched and fact-checked information, with references
  • An article written by a native, competent, English speaker
  • An article of a desired tone (formal, sophisticated, casual)
  • SEO friendly content
I look forward to working together and realising an article for you.
So send me a message and let’s get talking!

  1. Please contact me before ALL orders to ensure we get the correct package
  2. I will NOT complete your academic assignment*


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