I will write legal documents, agreements and contracts



Based on my years of experience in field of law working for top law firms I  provide diverse legal services. My services include legal writing, legal documentation and well researched legal opinion for your specific issue. I can draft any of following legal documents (non-exhaustive list) based on your needs. 

  1. Memorandum of Agreement
  2. Non-Disclosure Agreements
  3. Lease Agreement
  4. Rent Agreements
  5. Freelance Agreements
  6. Intellectual Property Agreements
  7. Software Licensing Agreements
  8. Trademark License Agreements
  9. Partnership Agreement
  10. Franchise Agreements
  11. Sale and purchase Agreement
  12. Employment Agreement
  13. Shareholder Agreement
  14. Legal Notices
  15. Legal letters
  16. Terms & condition for websites
  17. Terms of Service for websites
  18. Privacy policy for websites
  19. Refund policies for websites
  20. Affidavit
  21. General Power of Attorney
  22. Specific Power of Attorney
  23.  Social Media Policies
  24. etc.   


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