I will write industry standard coverage on your script


Finally finished that script you’ve been working on for MONTHS? Looking for a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at it? I’m here for you!

I’ll read your script and write up a coverage report for you! I’m currently a graduate student in screenwriting at a top 10 US film school and have done multiple script coverage internships in the industry. Leave behind the so-called “professional script readers”, because that’s not usually what happens when you submit a script to a company. Most of the time they’re read by student interns like me!

I use a template similar to what is used for all coverage in the industry. It includes the following:
– Info such as title, author, genre, year, page length, etc. It’s helpful to you because it will show you what your movie/show would look like broken down into simple categories.
– Logline
– Summary of my comments
– Pass/consider/strongly consider/recommend scores on script elements such as dialogue, originality, etc.
– Breakdown of 4-5 characters
– Summary of script
– One full page (at least) of my comments

Additionally, to help you with revisions, I’ll include my own notes written on a copy of your script.


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