I will write immersive travel writing for your blog


Travel and writing are what make me tick. I will write you an immersive, detailed and well-researched travel
writing article or blog post. I will make you taste the flavors of an exotic
country of your choice, make you feel the sand of pristine beaches between your toes. Be it adventure writing, a travel guide, a list of advice or a destination guide for any place or city, I’ve got it covered!

I am an experienced writer who has ghostwritten for a wide range of publications, including notable travel blogs. My short stories have been included in the Lonely Planet ‘Better than Fiction’ anthology.

I have been on a 48h long Greyhound bus journey across the States (and back); climbing volcanoes in Iceland; I have driven a cranky motorbike across the rural highlands of North Vietnam; I’ve climbed to the top of Ayer’s Rock (when it was still allowed).
What happens when 10 years’ worth experience in the writing industry combine with a mad passion for travel?
Get started and find out!


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