I will write engaging content for your instagram page


Now more than ever, it is absolutely crucial to the success of your online business/brand to keep your customers and followers constantly engaged. It is a well-known fact that the Instagram algorithm prioritizes accounts and posts with high engagement. Yes, your content is crucial in garnering attention, but the copy within your post is equally as important. You want to attract users who will take a minute or two to actually engage with and read your copy – not just someone who briefly skims past your posts and thinks to themselves, “that’s cool”. 

In order to stand out, you need to provide VALUE. This is achieved by connecting to your audience in a powerful way that they can actually relate to.

With this gig, you can expect the following: 

  • Professional Content
  • Keyword-Dense Copy
  • Proofing and Editing
  • Tailored Copy (aimed at target demographics)
  • 1 Hour of Topic Research (if necessary)

If you have a custom request that doesn’t necessarily fit the criteria, please don’t hesitate to send me a message so we can work something out. I look forward to working with you 🙂



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