I will write, edit, and research any scientific material


Your one seller for all academic and technical publishing. I will edit, write, research, format, and prepare your product as needed, for the audience you want, and in the timeline you need. Always original and clean.
Contact me to learn how we can get your product to where you want it.

For your technical material, I can help you produce:

  • White paper
  • Technical report
  • Fact sheet
  • Journal manuscript
  • Proposal
  • Public-facing article
  • Research summary
  • Bibliography
  • Just ask

My fields of experience span:

  • Engineering
  • Supercomputing
  • Data
  • Energy
  • Cyber-security
  • IoT
  • Software, Machine Learning
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Atmospheric Sciences
  • Economics
  • IT
  • Environmental Science
  • Policy, Government

Offload some of the labor to a professional and expect a fast, clean, and original product. Contact me before placing an order to discuss project scope.


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