I will write content for your health, fitness, or spirituality site


Today, grabbing your readers and keeping them engaged is paramount. I have a decade of experience as a professional writer for film, TV, and editorial for numerous online publications. I am also a yogi, spiritualist, and bona-fide gym rat with three years experience writing for health blogs.  If you are looking for high-end, magazine quality content that speaks directly to your readers, you’ve come to the right place.

What working with me looks like:

Step 1: We will chat about your unique content needs. The method of contact is entirely up to you. We’ll discuss topic, tone, and style, along with keywords, and any special needs you may have.

Step 2: I will then get to work researching, outlining, writing, and polishing your article. Please know I will never sacrifice readability for word count. If I have to go a few words over to ensure you get the best article I can write, I’m happy to do it. 

Step 3: I will deliver your professional quality article in the agreed upon time frame, and you will  have a chance to request a revision. Don’t hold back! I want you to have exactly what you need to make your site stand out among the pack. 


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