I will write compelling shopify product descriptions that convert


Everything looks hunky-dory yet your store isn’t driving sales?
– that’s because your product descriptions are not done right!

Just a few words can make or break a DEAL!

When someone clicks on your product, you have only a few seconds to impress them. You can craft the first few opening sentences in a way that they’d be intrigued to read till the last line. This is where a great product description comes in really handy and turns a “reader” into a “buyer”.

With new online stores sprouting every day, the competition is all time high. Hire me for writing compelling product descriptions that will STAND OUT.

Why choose me?

I’m an experienced product descriptions writer and I’ve written for several ecommerce platforms with positive reviews that reflect on how my descriptions were able to drive sales. I’ve written over 2,000 high converting shopify descriptions, and I fully understand what kind of content gets you RANKED.

How is my service different?

?SEO (Search Engine Optimized) to drive traffic
?Research based descriptions
?Pain points for emotional connect
?Niche based jargon that explains better
?Money back Guarantee


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