I will write automating batch or shell scripts for windows, linux



If you are looking for someone to write automated scripts to your need, you are at the correct place. I’m the best fit for your need due to the wide range of experience in the computer field. So, I can promise to provide you the best experience with features that you didn’t even imagine that would make your life easier.
I support the following types of services through scripting.

1) File related operations.
2) FTP/SFTP operations.
3) Database integration.
4) Fetch data from Web services.
5) Files backups.
6) Job scheduling.
7) Mongo DB integration.

8) And many more.

9) Hadoop server operations.

I do write scripts for both,
  1. ,Windows – XP, 7,8,10
  2. Unix/Linux – 14, 16 , 18
For scripting, I would use,
DOS/Windows or shell interpreting language.
But if you have custom need of writing a script in any other high-level language like python, java, c++, javascript I’ll happily accept.
No matter how experienced a person there are things that are impossible, if you are in doubt of the requirement please contact me before placing the order I’ll try my best to give you my professional consultancy for free.
Thank you


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