I will write an engaging script for an explainer video


Are you in need of high quality Engaging Script for Explainer Video or Whiteboard animation?
Imagine if you could effectively engage and compel your potential clients without spending thousands of dollars on traditional means of promotion.
I can write a script that sells! My script will keep your clients listening and watching your videos longer, keeping them on your site longer, and converting them into paying customers. I help small businesses sell their products and ideas, through explainer videos and whiteboard animations. 
Some may think that the animation is the most important thing, but animation that is too good can distract from the take home message. YOUR message. With engaging copy, you can better connect and communicate with your clients and potential new customers.
I will write 150 words (which is about 1 minute of video) for you. If you provide me a description of your services or the idea you want your viewers to take from your video, then I am ready to start writing.
Let me save you the hassles of script writing by ordering this Gig today!!!
I look forward to working with you.


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