I will write an ebook intro that sells


I will write you an ebook intro that is guaranteed to sell, and make you money! As an author of several Amazon kindle ebooks, I know exactly what to write, how to effectively articulate words, & deliver an effective message. 

The introduction to any book, is the absolute key selling-point. Knowing what to write is one thing, but knowing how to make your book rank in the first 3 spots on search engines is another. An effective ebook intro has to have proper SEO, key terms, and phrases, & I know exactly what your intro needs. In short, I will:

  • Research the topic of your book, & target the audience that will purchase it
  • Write an intro that grabs your reader’s attention from the start
  • Include all necessary SEO that will rank your book at the top of search engines
  • Get the job done efficiently and quickly (within 1 day)
  • Guarantee a lot of sales & revenue

I guarantee all of the above, or your money back immediately! Take it from a college educated, & an actual award-winning writer. I will give you exactly what you are expecting: An e book that sells, and lots of revenue.


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