I will write amazon inauthentic complaint poa


I will supply you with an Plan of Action Template to respond to an Amazon Inauthentic Claim. You can use this template to get your listing reinstated, to get your account reinstated after an Amazon Suspension or to keep at the ready should you need this template.

I have personally helped over 80 sellers get their Seller Account Reinstated with this exact template that I wrote myself. 

Don’t worry about your reinstatement verbiage with this tried and true template used by over 80 Marketplace Sellers. 

The template just needs the highlighted areas filled out specific to your Seller Account, Source location and ASIN(s) information. 

You will need to have the reconciliation amounts for your product(s) in question. 
Feel free to message with any questions.

You will need legitimate invoices or retail receipts with your form of payment and identification.

Due to the nature of this service we cannot offer guarantees of reinstatement or give you a time estimate of Amazon’s Response.

Note: if you are improperly dropshipping or do not have your invoice/receipts this template will not help with the reinstatement of your account. 


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