I will write a simple applescript to automate your mac os computer



PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER. I will write a simple Applescript Application that automates a single task from start to finish (Example 1 Application script would be, in the Finder, take a file, create 50 folders and move a copy of that file into each folder) (Example for up to 5 Application script, Download File, parse file, create new file, save file, delete original file which then can be repeated over and over again) (Example for unlimited application script would be, download JPG from Safari, check to see if the file has a duplicate file name and if so rename the file something unique, take the file and convert it into a PDF, reduce file size of original JPG file, delete original JPG file, add tags or labels to the file, move reduced sized jpg file to specific folder). Any scripts that branch off into two different tasks are another more expense gig! (Example, Download File, If it’s a PDF do this if it is a JPG do that). Please note that if your one app requires GUI scripting or lots of research to be scripted, it will be more expensive.Please contact me BEFORE placing an order. For more information please see my FAQ.


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