I will write a script for your movie


Hallo beautiful people!

I will happily (ghost)write the script for your movie, short or feature film! All genres welcome.

Some things about me:

  • Native
    Speaker of German: I prefer writing in German, as it is the language of my
  • I have
    several years of Writing Experience, both in Marketing/Journalism and
  • I have three
    university degrees (German Philology, International Development, Philosophy)
  • I published
    several Short Stories, Poems and a Novel
  • I am an aspiring film maker myself
  • I have a
    specification in Script Writing and TV (currently studying script writing at
    DFFB Berlin)

About you: (??)

  • You love to direct, but suffer with dialogues? 
  • You already have an idea but aren’t quite sure how to put it on paper?
  • You are a film student, forced to write, but actually care more for the ARRI than the characters?
  • You need help with the (somewhat annoying) middle part of your script?
  • Your producer is rushing you and you just – only this one time – need someone else to do the work?

SAY NO MORE. I can help you. Just shoot me a message and we will figure things out. All genres welcome!
Happy to hear from you!


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