I will write a promotional script for your business or event


Hello, my name is Samuel Moore, and exclusively on Fiverr, I will be your screenwriter to help promote your business or event!

I’ve been writing promotional scripts for months since I’ve joined Fiverr, and it’s always been a pleasure to help get up and coming businesses out there to the public. We all have those special dreams, and my main goal is to help get you one step further to achieving them. 

This doesn’t necessarily have to be promotional scripts for businesses, but it can also be for ideas such as upcoming events. I’m very flexible with topics, so if there’s curious about something, please don’t hesitate to message me and ask. As long as it doesn’t involve schoolwork or class projects, the script should really be no problem.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have recently changed the delivery time to help accommodate my studies in college for the remainder of the year. While it may make you hesitant, please contact me even if you need something fast. I’ll try to get to everyone as quickly as possible, but for now, please be patient as I get used to the time available to me. 

Otherwise, take care!


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