I will write a detailed description for your product or service


It is crucial for a product’s description to be both descriptive and appealing. Using the science of consumer psychology I will implement effective literary techniques to increase conversion rates and enthrall your customer in the benefits of your products. 

Regardless of whether or not your product offers value or not, if you are unable to describe this to a potential customer they’ll be uninterested in ultimately purchasing from you. I’m here to express your passion through a different lens to both do you & your product justice whilst also persuading customers to spend their hard earned money.

People are naturally skeptic and to convince a customer to part ways with their own money has never been an easy task. However, through an extensive time selling both online and through retail I’ve amassed a great knowledge in the art of selling, copy writing and literary persuasion.

So what are you waiting for, let’s grow your business together!


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