I will write a creative and unique kindle romance book


Due to a high volume of orders, please message me before placing an order!

I will write you a fictional, captivating romantic story in the length of your choice suitable for publication on KDP or any other avenue that you choose.
I do not write nonfiction or historical genres.

  • You will have automatic commercial use of this story. It will be completely unique to you and your preferences, no one else will receive a copy.
  • If you have any preferences to characters, setting, or themes, I can accommodate your preferences. I can also work with a number of romantic genres.
  • Feel free to message me before ordering in order to discuss any of your ideas, plots, or requirements for the novel.
  • Don’t see the word count you want? Message me! I make custom orders all the time, from only 250 words to 50,000!
  • Want a sample? Just ask!

What you will receive:
You will receive a thought out, well written, and self-edited romantic story in Word format. 

Please send me a message for a custom order if you have any other length in mind! Feel free to also contact me for samples of my writing or to discuss what you’d like for your story before ordering. 


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