I will write a c or cpp program for linux or windows



I’m a passionate freelance Level 1 programmer and student working on Fiverr for more than half a year. I’m yet to have a task I can’t complete or a dissatisfied customer.
I will write any program you want. Prices are provisional and my free time is limited, so message me. C and C++ are the languages I’m most familiar with, but I can also write in other similar languages (such as Python, JS, Java). Game hacks and academic/homework assignments are banned Fiverr-wide. I cannot accept orders which appear to infringe copyright.
Tasks I’ve done before include:
  • kernel modules
  • games
  • specialized calculators
  • programs used for statistics
  • generic Linux shenanigans (I use Gentoo BTW)
Great code and client satisfaction are my priority, so I give unlimited revisions. Linux is preferred, but Windows is fine as long as it isn’t a Windows-specific project (MS SQL, windows.h, Powershell etc.)
Also check out my other programming gigs:
Discord bot: https://www.fiverr.com/akaaah/create-a-discord-bot-and-host-it-for-2-years
GUI/Graphical program: https://www.fiverr.com/akaaah/create-an-amazing-cross-platform-graphical-program-in-gtk
I hope to be of service.

See you!


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