I will write 50 tweets for your business


??Customer-Focused & Customized Content for your Twitter Account??
In this gig, I am going to deliver the content that will be customized according to your business for your official Twitter account.
Most of the times, Companies don’t have time to focus on content development & loose the main recipe of customer focused content.. Have you ever faced something like that?
Do not worry, I am here to help. I got 6 years of experience of handling twitter content and have worked for pretty awesome clients from different industries & Backgrounds.

You will be giving me the information about your business or the personal account for which you need the tweets for and the information related to the hashtags (If any) as well & that’s it. I am ready to share the awesome work with you.
The Tweets that I will be delivering to you shall:
?? Motivate your Audience to engage
?? Focus on your products
?? Contain Motivational Quotes as well
?? Focus on your Customers
?? Deliver your Mission to your Customers
Please provide me the brief Idea about the content that you want and we are good to go.

I am excited to work with you.


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