I will upload your IOS app to the app store, itunes store in 1 hour




This service is for uploading your iOS app to the Apple Appstore/ iTunes Store.

BASIC GIG: This gig is for uploading .ipa file of your app to your account. I will need a .ipa file of your app and your developer account username and password.

If you have an Xcode project, I will also help you uploading it and sending it for review on Apple Appstore.

In the process of uploading your app to the Apple Appstore/ iTunes Store, I will do all the necessary things. 

  • I will create a distribution, developer, provisioning profiles on your account.
  • I will create screenshots from the simulator and upload them to your iTunes connect account

What I need from you for the complete process

  • Xcode project / .ipa file (depending on package)
  • App icon(1024*1024)
  • App name
  • App version Number
  • App Description
  • Support URL
  • Other Meta Data required by Apple Store
  • Your Apple Developer account username and password (add me in your account as a developer)


  • Test your app on your device before sending for review to Apple Appstore/ iTunes Store
  • Testing your app’s functionality and give suggestions


  • iOS App approval from apple is not part of this order.


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