I will translate your document from italian to english


Language translation is more than translating each word. It is a process of examining the meaning and the author’s intention and transmitting those same ideas and feelings. I have translated children’s books for a friend and guided her through the process of choosing idioms and metaphors to best reflect her intentions. I have translated medical documents for a colleague, advertising copy for a fashion brand, a Request for Proposals document, and more!

Choosing my services means that you will receive more than a word for word translation. I will work with you to preserve your voice, tone, and intention in the translation.
Please ensure that you have ordered the correct gig and enough extra words to cover your document’s word count. If you have any questions about how to order the gig, please message me directly, and I will assist you. If you have an order that is a little different and you aren’t sure if it fits in the scope of this gig, write me a message explaining your needs and I can craft you a custom offer. 


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