I will translate up to 500 words between bulgarian and english


I will be happy to translate or
proofread for you up to 500 words from English to Bulgarian and from Bulgarian
to English.

The text for translation can be any kind that you need (articles, technical content, medical content, marketing content, ebooks, etc.) 

In case it contains official documents and mixed type of content, please, be so kind to discuss it with me before placing an order, because the standard rates would not apply. Thus, I would be able to make you an appropriate offer – usually $5/page depending on the documents.

Why would you prefer ordering this gig?

  1. The translator has a CAE Cambridge certificate.
  2. The translator has translated
    many texts so far, including for the purpose of making
  3. Her work is 100% human
  4. Have no doubt that you will receive high quality translations from one of these languages to the
    other quickly and professionally, because the translation has to be both accurate and adequate.

*If your text is longer, you can buy extra gigs or request from me a custom offer with some discount.


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