I will translate legal documents in four langages


Do you have a difficult contract, power of attorney, or any related document heavy in legal jargon that needs to be translated? I will translate any type of legal document regardless of topic: finance, banking, even construction.

Translations of up to 7,000 words can be ready anytime between one to three days depending on the package, but I am also available for any urgent translations or larger, long-term projects. 

You can reach out to me any time if none of the packages meet your specific needs, or if you have any other questions. 

If you decide to collaborate with me, I will ensure the following: 

  • Any document will be translated manually. I do not use Google Translate or any other automatic translation software. 
  • To double-check my translations, I use official legal dictionaries.
  • I will happily conduct the research needed to make sure your text is accurate and uses the appropriate vocabulary and terms.
  • To the extent possible, I will keep the format of the original or modify the document to suit your formatting needs. 

I translate between the following from French, Italian, Spanish, Albanian into English.


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