I will translate from english to bosnian, croatian, serbian


Hiring a translation agency for your translation needs tends to be expensive. Besides, most of them outsource their work straight to freelance translators like me. 

On the other hand, opting for a dirt-cheap ‘translation’ work that’s mostly machine translated or without an actual understanding of what you’re trying to convey is even more expensive in the long run.


So, you need someone who’s expert in this field but doesn’t charge you a small fortune for a professional translation, right? That’s where I step in. 

Check out why my translations stand out from the rest! IELTS certified with exceptional skills in content writing and translation. 

Up to 250 words per gig! Proofreading included with mistake-free, well-written translations!

Contact us before placing an order for PDF files, video, audio, websites or order larger than 2000 words! Delivery time up to 500 words is 24h.

Legal and similar documents have the $10 per 250-word rate.

Note: My rates are clearly shown in gig packages. If you’re looking for dirt-cheap ‘translation’ work, this is NOT a gig for you.


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