I will translate English to Traditional or simplified Chinese or Cantonese


Translation between Chinese (Simplified or Traditional) to Cantonese or English. 

My work requires me to use Cantonese / English/ Chinese  and to travel between Hong Kong / Taiwan/ China/ USA. 

English and Mandarin are my native languages and have been using Cantonese for 15 years. 

One gig covers translation of 500 English or Chinese words. 

Pls order gig extras for extra words/ two types of words

For extra long doc pls msg to enquire timeframe

As I master both traditional and simplified Chinese characters, you may choose if you want the translation to be in simplified or traditional Chinese


  • Attach the file in doc format
  • Specify traditional/simplified/Cantonese
  • For tertiary academic/overly technical documents/work with formats/others ie.jpg format, pls drop me a message to confirm if I can help prior to order and pls wait for my custom order
  • For website translation, please export the texts on the website to Words file.
  • I don’t do formatting unless custom order whereby you need to inbox me for quote.
  • All documents and personal information absolutely confidential

What you will Get

  • Fast Delivery (24hrs)/language
  • All documents will be kept confidential.
  • Precise and Native Translation.


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