I will train you on effective cold calling



Are you an entrepreneur looking to push your product out into the marketplace?
Tired of paying for appointments only to show up and the business owner isn’t even there?
 I understand the frustration. It’s not easy picking up the phone and putting yourself out there… I know the fear of rejection and being completely shut down. I have been running call centers and building sales teams for 7 years and the number one area of opportunity I have found within sales organizations is that most sales people don’t like to pick up the phone and do the HEAVY LIFTING!

Well, FEAR NOT! I have mastered the ability to implement this particular skill unto anyone who is willing to learn. Do yourself a favor and make life easier on yourself! Learn a quick skill that will get your foot in the door and have an immediate impact on your results! DEALS DEALS DEALS!

We will go over the following:

  • Preparing to SMILE AND DIAL
  • Cold Calling Psychology 101
  • How to structure your PITCH
  • How to write your own COLD CALL SCRIPT
  • Qualifying your PROSPECT
  • Handling Objections


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