I will test and QA your software,mobile apps, website with report



Experienced in different types of testing, functional, GUI testing, regression testing, exploratory testing, web-based and desktop applications testing, testing software of mobile devices.

I will test your website or Software or Mobile app and give you a Bugs report with suggestions for improvements.

  1. Load Testing
  2. Basic Performance Testing
  3. Beta Testing
  4. White Box Testing
  5. Stress Testing
  6. Functional Testing
  7. Usability Testing
  8. Regression Testing
  9. Compatibility Testing / Cross Browser Testing
  10. Database Testing
  11. Smoke Testing
  12. User Acceptance Testing
  13. Black Box Testing
  14. Manual Testing
  15. Performance Testing
  16. Website Testing
  17. Software Testing 
  18. Mobile app Testing

Environments available for Testing:

  • Android

  • Window 


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