I will teach you warrior trading day trading scalp strategies



As a former paid student of Warrior Trading ($4000 value). I will teach you the exact strategies Ross Cameron and countless others use to grow their small accounts. With these strategies, you will have the potential to turn $500 into over six figures in less than a year. I’ve been a paid student in the Warrior Pro course for over 2 years and have been trading in the stock market for over 7 years. I know the ins and outs of scaling a small account by using low float break out stock strategies. This can give you the potential of a six, even seven figure career. 

If you can master these strategies and the mindset, the opportunity of a six figure career is up for grabs. These strategies are proven to work and are quite simple.The hard part comes when mastering your own psychological mindset to develop the consistency needed to scale your own plan of action. I can also teach you the common psychological barriers that will prevent proper implementation of these strategies. I will give you all of this as a mentor and coach for $45 an hour for each session.

***LIVE TRADING ($10 day) 9:00am-10:45am EST. Mon-Fri
  Zoom ID: 852-0872-5870
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