I will teach you to learn any programming language



As a Scala lead developer,
I am fond of Functional Programming. I love to share my knowledge about it.

Actually, it is a passion to teach programming in general. I can teach almost any language:
Expert: Scala, Java, Bash
Advanced: Go, Python, C, JavaScript
Fluent: C++, Haskell, Julia, Kotlin, D, OCaml, Swift

I also can teach some cool stuffs around programming languages:
– Concepts: functional programming, micro-services architectures…
– Algorithms
– Android application creation (Java or Kotlin)
– Tools: Git, databases, message-brokers, Docker, Jetbrains IDEs…

We can tchat using Slack. Depending on what you want to learn, I will teach you theorical and concrete stuff around programming, with explanations, examples, external documentation (useful books, videos…)

Of course you won’t be an expert after my lessons, but you’ll feel way more confident. The goal here can be to learn, but it is also to learn how to learn !


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