I will teach you the c plus plus programming language



!!! THE FIRST SESSION IS  FREE  !!! After that free session, if you want to continue, the price displayed (  10$  ) is PER HOUR (payment on fiverr).

-> The sessions will take place on any app you want ( SKYPE, DISCORD OR ANYTHING THAT HAS A “screen sharing” FEATURE, because that way i can show you my screen in real-time and you can show me your screen as well, so i can help you with anything you didn’t understand)

These sessions are good for kids, beginners, more advanced ones or for anyone that is happy to learn this programming language. If you are a beginner and you don’t know anything about the programming language, we’ll start with some basic stuff (how to read, display some numbers, how to use the arithmetic operators and what are them, the if statement, the for statement, the while statement and so on…) . Then, after knowing the basics we can go straight into more advanced things: how to solve mathematical problems in C++(the best way to help you understand how you can apply what you know). After doing a lot of these exercises (because that’s the best way to learn new things) we can even go further into competition exercises, mastering your skills


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