I will teach you python from basic to advanced



Python has wide range of practical uses and it can be the most versatile programming language to have on your toolbelt. 

Before we go further I know you are asking there are so many resources online why should I have this course? Well did you ever felt that instead of watching hours tutorials it would be easier and much faster to build something that YOU want if someone specifically guided you. Than this gig is for you. Below are somethings you can learn but are not limited to these..

What Will I Learn?

  • Develop visual novel/ RPG games with Renpy.
  • Machine learning with tensorflow, keras.
  • Build automated tools for cyber security.
  • Develop complex applications in Python
  • Build real life Python applications in a wide range of areas.
  • Build web applications with Flask.
  • Desktop applications with Tkinter or PyQT
  • Database applications.
  • Scientific computing with Numpy.
  • Data analysis and interactive data visualizations with Pandas and Bokeh.
  • Interactive web maps with Folium.
  • Scraping data from websites with Beautiful Soup.
  • Computer vision with OpenCV.
  • Sending automated emails with Smtplib.
  • Download data from various data service APIs.
  • Analyze and visualize stock market data.


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