I will teach you programming in java or python



Hey there, 

Want to learn programming from a CS graduate with 5+ years of tutoring experience?
Your search is over! 
I am an experienced private tutor with in-depth expertise in python and java programming languages offering quality online tutoring service at amazingly competitive rates. My goal is to provide you with a fast, reliable, and enriching experience.

Having been through your troubles myself as a CS student, I understand the troubles you are facing and have developed effective techniques that will help ace that dreaded programming course in no time. I will teach you the programming language course from the fundamentals in a patient and professional manner.

I teach using Zoom/Skype sessions. 


  1. Programming fundamentals (Python / Java)
  2. Object-oriented programming
  3. Data structures (Lists, Dicts/Maps, Trees, Graphs)
  4. Algorithms (Sorting, Recursion, DP)
  5. Databases

I can also guide and help you in your Programming Assignment/Project with custom orders.

Go ahead and place your order. You won’t be disappointed.
Message me the details about your requirements & I will be prepared for the session with examples and exercises.


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