I will teach you html and css over skype



Are you a beginner developer, and looking for an inexpensive and effective way to learn
how to build your own website at a pace that works for you? If so, then this is the Gig for

Select one of the packages below, and I will
Skype with you for the specified time in the package, and teach you CSS, HTML and Bootstrap (developer package only).

About Me

I am currently
a Computer Science Minor at Ithaca College and I am working as a Teaching
Assistant. This is my fourth semester as a TA for a web development class in
which we focus on mastering CSS, HTML and Bootstrap. 

Starter 30 Minute Tutorial:
30 minute Skype session
Reviews the basics of HTML and CSS, and how to
set up a webpage

1 Hour Tutorial

1 hour Skype session
Reviews HTML and CSS and how to set up a
personal profile page
A more detailed tutorial with more content

Developer 2 Hour Tutorial

2 hour Skype session
A detailed HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap tutorial

How to

Select your package

I will message you my Skype username


Please Note: English speakers only and I will skype you within 10 days


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