I will teach you how to write chinese characters stroke by stroke


?! Hello there!

Want to learn how to write Chinese (Traditional ??) characters?
I will teach you the formal way of writing a Chinese character of your choosing, stroke by stroke.
This is how they taught me how to write Chinese characters in school when I was in Taiwan. It would be similar to the way I learned through the countless of practice books (??) I’ve gone through since elementary school(??) up until middle school(??).

Learn how to write your name, a friend or loved one’s name, or Chinese characters that has a special meaning to you.
(It’s also a random but cool party trick you can show off. Been there, done that. MULTIPLE TIMES!)

Basic Package (For now):

  • Hand written instructions of the Chinese characters of your choosing.
  • Printable practice grids with the chosen Chinese characters on top, five traceable practice grids, and six empty practice grids for each character.

If you would like to learn how to write your name in Chinese (Traditional ??), go to my other Fiverr Gig to have your name translated HERE:

Check the FAQ before placing your order, please feel free to contact me for any additional questions.


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