I will teach you how to run wordpress on a raspberry



I will teach and guide you on making a wordpress webserver of of a raspberry.
You will have your own mini webserver on your house with complete control.
The result is that you’ll access to your wordpress website through your domain from outside your home. You’ll be able to access as admin and do all the stuff.

You need:
– a working raspberry, a version with LAN port (cabled, no wireless), with decent speed SD card
– you will install it near your router
– you need a router with a free LAN port (we will permanently use one)
– the router needs to be enough “open”, we will do some port-forwarding
– you need a decent internet connection (we will work through remote desktop, teamviewer or such)
– you need a google domain; we can try with a different domain host but it could not work maybe (we need to set a DUC)

I will NOT teach you anything about wordpress (it’s simple, you can study it further by your own).
This gig is about the “joy” of not-needing a web host, because you’ll have your own server at your home!
It’s a great chance to start “messing” up with linux, web in general…
We’ll use SSH, linux, webmin, mysql, and so on…

Please contact me by message before putting an order!


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