I will teach you how to get the most from your google drive or g suite



I’m here to help you take better advantage of what the suite of Google applications, specifically the Google Drive has to offer.  

The basic gig is mostly for people new to google whether fluent with Windows or Mac or not.  Comfort with other operating systems will affect what you learn in the 1 hour but, at the least, we cover the mechanics of:

-Opening your drive in a new browser window
-Creating folders and files
-Navigating through your Google Drive
-Placing files in folders where you want them
-The basics of accessing shared files

Experienced users of Windows and Mac may also:
-Learn how to upload and move files
-Save directly from Gmail

The 2 hour course ideally will delve deeper into the above skills.  From there we can look at how you can employ those features to better serve you/your business/organization with strategies around:
-How you might share files when working with a team
-Creating hierarchies of folders
-Integrating with Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Forms…

The Custom Package is for a Google Drive user or team member who wants to create/manage/maintain a shared workflow using G Drive

For all packages, please contact me before booking!


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