I will teach you how to code generative adversarial networks



Would you like to learn about Generative Adversarial Networks? I can tutor you about Generative Adversarial Networks. I will have a 1 hour (or 2x 30 minutes) video/phone call with you to teach you about topics related to GANs. The call may include slides and/or code which I prepare beforehand.

Topics can range from beginner:

  • Basic GAN Concept
  • Building a GAN from Scratch (with TensorFlow)
  • Using your own custom images/datasets
  • And More

To intermediate:

  • Image-to-Image GANs (e.g. Pix2Pix, CycleGAN, etc.)
  • Intermediate GAN techniques (e.g. BatchNorm, Gradient Penalties, etc.)
  • Bidirectional GAN
  • And More

To state-of-the-art:

  • StyleGAN (and StyleGAN 2)
  • BigGAN
  • StarGAN (and StarGAN 2)
  • And More


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