I will teach you csharp programming



Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to program your own application or your own game? Well I am here to help you! With my packages I will teach you what variables are, how to make functions, and even make games. Of course you’ll learn more than what I just listed there haha! I will explain C# as best as I can.


I know you can just use free websites to learn the programming language you want, but with a person explaining and helping could be better than just reading it. Plus, you get to do the code and ask questions along the way!

I will always try my best to explain it the way that makes it easiest for you! If you have any questions before purchasing, please message me! 

Now, you’re wondering how will we contact when you get a package. Well, we can do whatever works best for you! A Zoom call, a Discord call, a Skype call, etc.

I will teach you enough C# where you will be able to learn the rest yourself.


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